Hello World!

Hello world! Pardon my tardiness. These past two weeks have been quite a blur; sometimes I don’t know why I take on so many things to do. Nonetheless, it’s been a pretty rewarding two weeks. Next week, I’ll be away from school because I will be working the National High School Model United Nations conference in New York City, so I’ve been pretty busy this week trying to get the things in order before I have to leave. I’m a little scared for my impending doom—of homework—when I get back, which was a struggle last year after I staffed the same conference.

Area Radio Stations

Five College Stations

WAMH 89.3 FM, Amherst College Radio

WMUA 91.1 FM, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

WMHC 91.5 FM, Mt. Holyoke College

WOZQ 91.9 FM, Smith College, Northampton

Public Radio

WFCR 88.5 FM, Amherst