Dinner: “A Normal Guy"

Anders Rhedin, better known in the United States by his stage name Dinner, is not someone who can be described in few words. There are some things that he is, explicitly, on his own terms, but for all the words that he has used to describe his music, there remains much left unsaid about his aesthetic and his progression as an artist. And one might wonder, is there anything to really to say about a musician called "Dinner", a man wearing a mix of solid black sweaters, or an alternate pastiche of red lipstick and bright white nail polish, singing creeping lyrics to bewildered audiences?


Mac Demarco: Another One

Much has been said about Mac Demarco. The 25 year old Edmonton crooner who set up shop in Far Rockaway last year has been plugged everywhere from Fader to Conan to NPR. This past year alone he witnessed his following quadruple since the release of his last full length album, Salad Days, on April Fool's Day 2014. And yet even with his obsessive gaggle of young fans, including one who reportedly gave him a pig fetus at a show last fall, he has decided to release his home address on the final track of his latest mini-LP, Another One, offering the now-famous (for his housemates, perhaps infamous) cup of coffee to anyone who visits. More smoke has been blown up the singer's ass than he inhales from his cheap trademark cigarettes, but there is something that has often bewildered him and many of his critics, which is-- what made him the goofball pop culture sensation so many know today? One might say it stems from his confidence or fun-loving personality, but in this author's opinion it was something reflected strongly in his latest release-- his empathy.