Use the links below to learn more about the heating systems within each of the residential buildings on campus.

Living Greener

Change a Light
The top three energy users in a typical college dorm room are...

Renewable Energy

Physical Plant PV

Physical Plant Solar Hot Water Installation

The Physical Plant Administration building derives all of its domestic hot water needs from solar panels mounted on the roof of the building.

Amherst Footprint: Facts and Figures

Higher education is a resource-intensive enterprise. It takes massive amounts of materials and natural resources to support a student in an academic community for four years. It is the College’s goal to ensure that these resources are used as efficiently as possible, to minimize our impact on the world around us.

Energy Conservation Projects

Since 2003, the College has invested approximately $200,000 per year in energy conservation projects, and these projects have had a net simple payback of approximately 2.3 years.Examples of some of these projects are described below.

Amherst College Cogeneration Plant

Project Description Amherst College's cogeneration system will consist of a 1250-kW gas turbine generator that burns natural gas or diesel fuel. The turbine, similar in design to a small aircraft engine, will turn an electrical generator connected to the campus electrical system and send its hot exhaust to a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).