Dinner: “A Normal Guy"

Anders Rhedin, better known in the United States by his stage name Dinner, is not someone who can be described in few words. There are some things that he is, explicitly, on his own terms, but for all the words that he has used to describe his music, there remains much left unsaid about his aesthetic and his progression as an artist. And one might wonder, is there anything to really to say about a musician called "Dinner", a man wearing a mix of solid black sweaters, or an alternate pastiche of red lipstick and bright white nail polish, singing creeping lyrics to bewildered audiences?


"The Connection Between Sound and Place"

By Katherine Duke '05

Throughout her college years, Deidra Montgomery ’10 has been meeting up with other enthusiasts to raise her voice in a singing tradition called Sacred Harp. Now she’s conducting a formal study of her fellow singers. “I’m looking at who the Western Mass [Sacred Harp] community is, who makes it up and what a regular singing is like,” she says. Phil DuPont ’12 has been attending three Catholic Masses every week, at two different churches in Holyoke, Mass., listening to the differences in the songs and prayers at English- and Polish-language services. The singings and the churches are just a few examples of “Pioneer Valley Soundscapes.”