The Economics Major


We have created a new student handbook for economics.

If you are an economics major, you should pick up a paper copy in the department office or look at the pdf version using the menu to the left.


To declare an economics major please see Jeanne Reinle in the Economics Department Office (306A Converse Hall). To process the paperwork, an unofficial transcript and declaration of major form are needed.


Graduate Programs

Economics Alumni

Below are links to the lists of names of economics majors that have graduated recently. Links take you to the Alumni Profile where you can look at their  Professional tab for current and past employment information and Career Network information as well as graduate school information (Academic tab).

Faculty Photo

Submitted by Janet K. Price
From the Left: Steve Rivkin, Sami Alpanda, Adam Honig, Beth Yarbrough Geof Woglom, Jeanne Reinle, Dan Barbezat, Walter Nicholson, Chris Kingston
Absent, but on leave: Jessica Reyes, Frank Westhoff


Every day, people go to work in farms, factories, schools, hospitals, offices and shops.  They use their time, talent and energy to produce, sell, buy and consume a bewildering variety of goods, assets and services.  How are all these activities organized and connected?  How do people, and more broadly societies, decide what to produce, who gets to consume what, and how much to invest for the future?