More than 40% of the local population has a graduate degree.

More than 30,000 college students call Amherst home during the academic year.

There’s a saying you’ll see on t-shirts and bumper stickers in Amherst that offers both a pronunciation lesson and an insight:

“Amherst—where only the ‘h’ is silent.”

That captures Amherst—vibrant, opinionated and proud of it.

Life here is also smart, fun, dynamic and somehow laid back all at the same time. Here are two facts backing that up:

And We'll All Sing Hallelujah: Tuesday Night Sacred Harp Singing in Northampton


The weekly Tuesday night singing at Helen Hills Hills Chapel on the Smith College campus in Northampton was founded by Allison Schofield and Jess Cook during their time at Smith College. After hearing the band Cordelia's Dad perform Sacred Harp music at one of its concerts, Schofield began attending a Sacred Harp singing in Amherst every month. Wanting to sing more often, Schofield and Cook decided to start a weekly singing. Thus, Northampton's Tuesday night singing was born.