The First Official Sentence of Lesteranian (Not yet officially Approved by HRH the Duke)

Lingitiaz, sotak maniazenn tebidaticazenn seurèmiasazum infotatiasien codifirpour et décodifirpour. Dastâf, lingitiaz et lingitiage, devenésontak doshinozenn étudiosozum (“logos”) grammateurougeparr ancienicougeparr, soyuwos, avosésotok bekutogien dinyudiogium. Peuvias utiliriasum youyanosien, originougiotok tempsozøtt shikyanicosøtt jâyinicosøtt, jatiniagiâss lingitiasagium utilontakicagiâss commenciasâtt écritiasasum.

December 31 2009-Updates

I've stayed in Moore for more than a week, and have been working for the AC Museum of Natural History for more than a week. Well in general this break is boring so far, and I'm really expecting everyone to come back, and Val to open!

To Contact Lester

In U.S.


Room 116, North Dormitory
Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002 

Mailing Address:

Keefe Campus Center, AC#258
Amherst College, Amherst MA 01002

Phone: 626-321-6351

Email: (Office), (Personal) All e-mails will be retrieved to the later account.


In China

Address/Mailing Address:

6-7-2, Building 24#, Chang Wa
Haidian District, Beijing 100089, P.R.CHINA

Phone: (Cell) +8613811193666; (Home): +861068450572

Email: the same


Sosatokeut Lesterenn !!!

Hi, My name is Lester Hu; in fact, my legal first name is Zhuqing, a Chinese word from a 7-century poem which means "a lonely island surrounded by clear water in a lake." Lester is a name that I have randomly picked up as my English name when I was 12 I guess.