Purpose: The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation was established by Congress in 1975 as the federal memorial to our thirty-third President. The Foundation awards scholarships for college students to attend graduate school in preparation for careers in government or elsewhere in public service. The activities of the Foundation are supported by a special trust fund in the US Treasury.


Purpose: The Rhodes Scholarships, the oldest international fellowships, were initiated after the death of Cecil Rhodes in 1902, to bring outstanding students from many countries around the world to the University of Oxford. The first American Scholars were elected in 1904. Learn more about the Rhodes Scholarship from Amherst Alumni on the Office of Fellowships video page.


Purpose: The US-Ireland Alliance sponsors a competitive, national scholarship for graduate study by American citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 at institutions of higher learning in Ireland. Named to honor the former U.S. Senator's pivotal contribution to the Northern Ireland peace process, the George J. Mitchell Scholarships are designed to introduce and connect generations of future American leaders to the island of Ireland, while recognizing and fostering intellectual achievement, leadership, and a commitment to public service and community.


Purpose: An award by the British government as a means of expressing appreciation of the aid given to the British by the United States under the Marshall Plan. The award funds a US citizen to study at a British University for two years. These scholars are seen as potential leaders and decision-makers in the US. This award gives scholars a first-hand opportunity to gain a lasting understanding and appreciation of British values and way of life. It also serves to strengthen the enduring relationship between the US and the UK.