Dr. Ben Carson To Speak on "Healthcare and Healthy Lifestyles" at Amherst College Nov. 17

Philosopher Isabelle Peretz To Speak on “The Nature of Music from a Biological Perspective” at Amherst College Feb. 22

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Instructions for Senior Comprehensives Presentations

Neuroscience comprehensives are meant to be a learning experience for all concerned, not primarily a test. You may consult with Neuroscience faculty if you have specific questions as you prepare your presentation. (However, the faculty will not go over a draft of your presentation and give feedback or pre-approve it.)

Neuroscience Senior Comprehensives Instructions

Neuroscience comprehensives for students in the class of 2015 will be held on a select number of Thursdays in the academic year. Generally, there will be three (3presentations for each date except for the day during January interterm when there will be around six (6) presentations.

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How does the mind work? How can we explain the behavior of animals and people? What goes wrong when someone is mentally ill or emotionally disturbed? Neuroscience is the modern attempt to answer these questions through the study of the brain. 

Introduction, updated

Submitted by Rachel E. Speer
For students or alumni who might find this information useful:I graduated in 2005 with majors in Biology and History, and a thesis on the teaching of evolution and creationism in high schools in Arkansas.