WFCR-FM: Justice Tested in the Prince Case

News of the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the resolution of the Phoebe Prince bullying case in May of 2011 placed a spotlight on widely differing aspects of the U.S. justice system. LJST professor Austin Sarat spoke with WFCR’s Susan Kaplan that in cases like the Prince suicide, in which a small community is galvanized around a terrible event, the justice system is put to it’s severest test.

Medieval Detectives

After a semester’s worth of research, students in music professor Klara Moricz’s “Music and Culture” class have deduced that two pieces of sheet music in the Mead Art Museum’s collection are actually manuscripts for 14th century Gregorian chants.

WFCR-FM: A philosophical question? There's an app for that

Philosophy professor Alexander George’s mobile app for was featured in this piece on the Amherst-area NPR affiliate.

Steven Rivkin's Study of Air Pollution and School Absenteeism

After publishing a paper linking increased levels of carbon monoxide to school absences, economics professor Steven Rivkin was quoted in stories in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Houston Chronicle newspapers and in radio programs on WFCR-FM and KTRH-AM.