absent: Harrison Gregg, Gerry Mager, Elizabeth Lucas, Judy Foote, Heather Mainville, Peter Schilling, Laurie Bouchard, Linda Serrell

1. Meeting cancelled May 11, 2007 due to the known absenses (almost half the team).  All agenda items moved to the June 8th meeting.

2. Revisions to CMS including resolved name, name searches, and address searches go live Tuesday, May 15th.

3. no meeting May 25th

4. next meetings June 8th and June 22nd (Webster 102)



The CORE Team iincludes representatives from the various campus offices who use the college's Colleague database directly or indirectly via reports or data files and/or other college databases. The primary concern of this committee is the college's data, storage of the data, coding of shared data, data security, and state and federal laws defining and governing the use of sensitive data. The committee meets bi-weekly, at present every other Friday, 10:30am - noon.