2017-2018 Amherst College Combo Roster

Camaro Crew

Jake May, Drums
Sarah Montoya, Bass
Diego Ramos-Meyer, Piano
Tristan Whalen, Guitar
Sarah Teichman, Alto Saxophone
Will Fishell, Trumpet
Evan Daisy, Trombone

Mustang Madness

Manny Osulana, Drums
Warren Timothe, Bass
Alden von Ziegesar, Guitar
Avery Farmer, Piano
Bryan Doniger, Saxophones
Juno Son, Trombone


2014-2015 News

Be sure to check out the Amherst College Jazz Ensemble perform at the 2015 McBride '59 Commission Concert on February 21st at 8 pm! This year's featured composer, JC Sanford, will give a lecture on his piece "Trash Me Hamster," at 1:00pm on Friday, February 20th and perform with his Quartet following the ACJE performance. 

Jazz Topics

We will endeavor to have much of interest to all our students up here as the year goes on. I'd like to start with a topic near and dear to my heart-playing the "GB" gig. This can be a tough challenge, even for the most seasoned musicians. I have learned in my 20+ years of doing wedding receptions and dances several expectations that are present when a client decides s/he wants a jazz group to play at their function. Here is a small list of important ideas that come to mind:

Doing the Gig

(part 1 of 2)


Jazz Studies/Private Lessons

Amherst's Music Department provides many different outlets to explore jazz in an academic setting.  Each semester, the Music Department offers at least one jazz theory course as well as other less theoretical jazz and pop courses.  The Music Department also allows for students to collaborate with jazz professors and create their own "special topics" course.  These courses usually contain no more than three students and have dealt with a slew of jazz topics within the last few years.