Paleo Allstars

Halloween 2007: Gastropods and Trilobites (Christina Beaudoin-Rea & Maraissa Drehobl)

2007 Paleo Allstars

Halloween 2007: Ariel Morales is a Strat Column

2007 Paleo Allstars

Halloween 2007: Mike Bernstein Straining

2007 Paleo Allstars

Halloween 2007

2007 Convocation

President Anthony W. Marx, 2007 Convocation
President Marx speaks at Convocation on Monday, Sept. 3, in Johnson Chapel.

Holiday in Christchurch, NZ

Submitted by David Megirian
In February (2007) my two daughters and I had a summer holiday in New Zealand. The attached photo was taken in one of Christchurch's Museum. Ruth is standing beside me (David) and behind my younger daughter, Hedi (sitting). We are in the foyer of the museum. In 2009 Hedi and I will attend the 60th Class Reunion. Cheers from the Southern Hemisphere!


We are saddened by the loss of our classmate Joseph Chow '07 on 9/22/09. Please visit his In Memory page to post recollections. 

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Sidney and Princess

Submitted by Sidney J. Davis [d]