Making a Splash

What does it take to get a high-caliber athletic team excited about community events? Simple.

Just add water.

Hour of Power: Just Keep Swimming

The team has used their athletic ability to raise money for cancer research. For four years now, they have fundraised for the Ted Mullin “Hour of Power” event. Mullin was a Carleton College swimmer who lost his battle to sarcoma. The event raises awareness raises funds for cancer research. Over 100 teams participate in the one-hour challenge by swimming continuous hour-long relays in their pools.

Not just 'everywhere but here': Amherst College community dedicates a week to HIV/AIDS education & awareness

There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy: the Bank of Exchange/Value

What is the value of art? In 1948, Sotheby’s auction sold a Jackson Pollock painting for a whopping 140 million dollars—the most expensive art auction to date. Yet in order to enjoy the beauty of Exchange/Value, a project of the Collaborative Art Class at Amherst College, you do not have to pay a penny. Welcome to the Bank of Exchange/Value: an art project that emphasizes the importance and utility of non-monetary exchanges in the community.

So Important, So Present Day

Nora Lawrence ’10: a Synthesis of Academics and Engagement

Photo by Julie Keresztes '12

Living at the I-Hotel—An Interview with Megan Zapanta ‘10

During her time at Amherst, Megan Zapanta ’10 played on the rugby team, wrote an honors thesis, participated in the Vagina Monologues, tutored at the Jones Library, and volunteered with a labor union.

She did not, however, act like an (ancient) Egyptian.

Ben Guest: An Amherst Alumnus Tackling Education Inequality

In late April, I sat down for a phone interview with Ben Guest ‘97. Even before the first question, Guest happily greeted me and eagerly described all the Amherst College students who had interned for his summer program.

Scripts and Scores: the Engagement of Performance

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and a group of students have collected in a Webster stairwell to review the stages of their final performance – or at least the performance they think they’ll probably be giving.  There may be some changes coming, as a student explains to me.  “We were supposed to perform outside, but because of the rain there’s some debate as to whether or not that’s going to happen,” she says.  “So instead we’re going to perform in the library and Val, and at five-thirty we’ll come back here.”

CCE Launches Summer 2010 Internship Programs

Now that finals are (finally) over, Amherst students are spreading across the country, headed for home, summer jobs, or, of course, those all-important internships.  As a valuable way to boost a resume, the summer internship is to many students an essential part of their work portfolio.  But even for an Amherst student, finding a position that promises more than filing and data entry can be challenging.  How have students found internships that will value them, challenge them, or teach them about how to engage with the local community?

Alumni in Teaching Call on Amherst Students to Join Their Ranks

2010 recipients of the Class of ’54 Commitment to Teaching fellowship share their stories of inspiration and frustration teaching in America’s public schools.

At Girls Inc., It’s Always Spring

On Friday, April 16, as I climbed into the van to Holyoke, I complained silently about the weather. Yes, after four days of beautiful spring sunshine, all Friday could muster was a blustery, cold wind. I wondered to myself: Is spring really here, or is it still winter? Thankfully, the day’s dreariness rapidly dissolved as I walked into a room and found myself in the company of twenty sunny, enthusiastic dispositions.

Welcome to Girls Inc.