Incredibly, that’s the number of books that Herb Coursen ’54—who died in 2011—wrote and got published during his lifetime.

By Roger M. Williams ’56

Don't Shoot the Messengers!

Where Are the Songs of Yesteryear?

By Roger M. Williams ’56

In memory that truly serves, my years at Amherst are swaddled in song. That doesn’t surprise me, even though I belonged to no musical group, played no instrument, did not even minor in music and didn’t welcome the advent of rock ’n’ roll.

A post-reunion dispatch

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Every year I volunteer to staff a few events at Reunion. The work is not hard: it involves filling water glasses, making sure talks start and end on time and annoying those seated at the end of an aisle by asking them to  pretty please move in to the center.

Coming Home


After Amherst freshmen failed to defend the goalposts in 1952, a horde from Williams tore them down.

By Roger M. Williams ’56

Major League Overhaul

Three years ago, Neal Huntington ’91 took over as general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Losers now for 18 consecutive seasons, they show few signs of improvement. Can Huntington’s skills and dedication turn that around?

By Roger M. Williams '56

High on Habeas