Student Requests Drive Recent IT Projects

Submitted on Tuesday, 11/12/2013, at 8:54 AM

By Daniel Diner ’14

Let's say you're a student, and the dirty clothes are piling up in your hamper. But every time you go to do laundry, the machines are in use. The Information Technology office at Amherst has found a way to help. In response to student requests, the IT staff has developed and implemented Web Laundry, a system that fasttracks the laundry process by displaying a schematic that shows every machine on campus and which of them are available. What's more, it notifies students when their laundry is ready.

Storage & Laundry Options

Door-to-Door Storage Option

Amhest College has contracted with a local company to provide our students door to door delivery and storage options.  This is the easiest option for students and the only fully insured option for students.  The Boomerang company is the only company vetted and approved by the College to bring vehicles on campus to provide storage.  For information on rates and services contact Boomerang Storage at