Summer Stunt

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Photo by Rob Mattson

[Ambition] Niahlah Hope ’15 spent much of the summer training to break a world record. While other students were interning in an office, or traveling the world, or studying for the LSAT, she was perfecting her backflip.

Kendra Stern’s individual win-loss records

50-yard freestyle:      10-0

100-yard freestyle:    15-0

200-yard freestyle:    16-0

500-yard freestyle:    13-2

1,000-yard freestyle:  3-0

50-yard butterfly:       1-0

100-yard butterfly:     4-1

100-yard individual medley:     1-0

200-yard individual medley:     4-0

100-yard backstroke: 0-1

Overall:    67-4

Stern was runner-up in the four races she did not win.

The Record-Breaking Class of 2014

Applications received: 8,088*

Applications accepted: 1,240, or 15.3%

Members of the class: 490*

Self-identified students of color: 42%*

First-generation college students: 18%

Non-U.S. citizens: 9%

Languages spoken: 23

Receiving Amherst financial aid: 59%*

Most common names: Alexandra and Daniel

*A record high

Source: Amherst Office of Admission