Keefe’s Makeover

Workers have completed an interior renovation of Keefe Campus Center. Here are the major changes.

After the Flood: Renewal at Johnson Chapel

Submitted on Tuesday, 7/3/2012, at 11:25 AM

by William Sweet

Faculty moved back to Amherst’s iconic Johnson Chapel last week, ending an exile that began on Feb. 13, when part of a plaster ceiling fell and broke a sprinkler pipe, causing the building to flood. The professors came back to a Johnson Chapel that truly is old and new again, thanks to a renovation project that’s now wrapping up.

A Makeover for Pratt Field

Visit the Mead Art Museum

Makeover at the Mead

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Lord Jeffery Inn Renovations Begin

Local news outlets took interest when the Lord Jeffery Inn project began again at the end of May 2010.