Christopher Alexander: The Timeless Way of Building

Christopher Alexander’s “The Timeless Way of Building” was never marketed as a self-help book, a utopian novel, a treatise on any named philosophy, or even as a book for the social scholar. In actuality, it was written as a work on architecture and design theory, now widely referred to by many (often confused) designers and software engineers alike. However, it offers more insights into the social and economic groundwork of our daily lives than most books befitting those labels. It could easily be said the core of this book, isn’t drafting techniques or geometry, but rather people- emotion and the environmental patterns that can drive and channel it.

Resident Artist David Gloman Featured on Heisman Telecast

Submitted on Friday, 12/2/2011, at 2:00 PM

By Rob Mattson

Football and painting seem to have as much in common as Nietzsche and NASCAR, but David Gloman can attest otherwise. The 19-year veteran of Amherst College, a resident artist in the Department of Art and the History of Art, was hired to create drawings of 30 of today’s best football players as part of the ESPN production of the 77th Heisman Memorial Trophy Presentation. On Dec. 10, Baylor University player Robert Griffin III became the 32nd quarterback to earn college football’s most coveted trophy, but the opportunity to be part of such an iconic event was a victory for Gloman as well, like a swollen river that finally crested, but only after years of ebbing, flowing, meandering and shaping the landscape of his life.