Inside Higher Ed: New Journal, Old School Values

The launch of The Common, as well as a companion publishing internship program and literary publishing course, drew the attention of Inside Higher Ed, which said the Amherst is taking “the road less traveled” in supporting it. The piece explored the current environment for literary journals and quoted Gregory Call, dean of the faculty, and The Common founder and editor Jennifer Acker ’00.

Inside Higher Ed: 'The Heart of Higher Education'

Physics professor Arthur Zajonc and a colleague and co-author of the The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal responded to questions about their new publication in a Q&A with an editor of the Inside Higher Ed website.

Amherst College President Anthony W. Marx Announces His Resignation

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Initiative

The college’s  success with a program that promotes “sustainable, long-term increases in the number of high-achieving community college students from low-income families transferring to the nation’s selective four-year institutions” was noted in stories on the Inside Higher Ed and Chronicle of Higher Education websites. 

Inside Higher Ed: Russia(n) is Back

Russian professor William Taubman commented on the recent surge in interest in Russian studies in an Inside Higher Ed article.

The Boston Globe: In search of talented foreign students, Amherst College takes rare step

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The college's decision to extend its need-blind admission policy to international students made headlines in the Globe and was also picked up by Inside Higher Ed.

Inside Higher Ed: Marx Calls for "Mobility Based on Merit"

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