Scar Tissue

Photographs by Justin Kimball

Text by Emily Gold Boutilier

Fifteen years ago, Justin Kimball arrived in Arkansas to empty out a house—really a “storefront shack kind of thing on the side of the road.” He was there with a friend whose recently deceased great-uncle had lived there alone. Walking into the sparse living area, Kimball found only a chair, an ashtray that was also a lamp and cardboard cut from the insides of Wheaties boxes.

The Mentor Project

Photographs by Tsar Fedorsky


Fedorsky is an editorial photographer specializing in portraiture. Her work has appeared in many national publications.

Fear is only kind of a factor for me...

Ok, so as I look back at my last two blog posts, I haven’t much told you about myself.  So far you’ve probably gathered that I love food and gallivanting around in the sun, both very accurate.  But I promise I do other stuff too. 

Justin Kimball Wins $10,000 Individual Photographer’s Fellowship

Sept. 9, 2011

Justin Kimball, associate professor of art, has received a $10,000 Individual Photographer’s Fellowship (IPF) from the Aaron Siskind Foundation. The funding will support his latest photography project, through which he intends to document some of the effects of the nation’s economic downturn. 

Young and the Old