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Lisa Biggs is an award-winning theatre/dance artist, performance scholar and activist. A Chicago-native, she has been developing and presenting new performance works for almost twenty years. Her current research uses performance studies approaches to uncover and articulate how contemporary legal and penal systems enact criminalization, incarceration and rehabiltiaiton, with a special focus on the impact of theatre and dance programs for women behind bars in the US and in South Africa.

James Merrill (right) Playing the Title Role in Orphée, 1945

James Merrill, right, playing the title role in Orphée, 1945. From the Dramatic Activities Collection, Amherst Archives & Special Collections.

Research Fellowships for Creative Artists

His Eyes are on Broadway

Peak Performances

By Katherine Duke '05

Amherst’s Spring 2010 season of performances is in full swing. In just the past three weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in the audience for five very different shows.

Letters to a Stranger

The Card-Carrier