Amherst College Psychology Professor Catherine Sanderson Authors "Slow and Steady Parenting"

March 13, 2007Director of Media Relations413/542-8417AMHERST, Mass.—Amherst College Associate Professor of Psychology Catherine Sanderson has authored a new book, Slow and Steady Parenting: Active Childraising for the Long Haul, from Birth to Age 3 (M. Evans, 2005, 166 pp.).

Honors Program in Psychology

The honors program in Psychology offers students the opportunity to work in depth on an empirical project during the senior year.  These projects usually involve 3 course credits, one in the fall semester and two in the spring; in some cases that order can be reversed. Be aware that the thesis fulfills a seminar requirement in the area of your thesis, so that thesis writers need to take only one seminar in a different area for the psychology major.


Physiological Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory. The physiological psychology / behavioral neuroscience labs at Amherst use a variety of approaches to investigate brain-behavior relationships. We can perform stereotaxic surgery, high pressure liquid chromotography, electrophysiology, and immunohistochemistry.