Majoring in German can lead to a variety of careers in education, government, business, international affairs, and the arts.  Our majors attend leading graduate programs, teach or take jobs in German-speaking countries and win domestic and international scholarships. 

About the Major

Biology majors at Amherst study introductory Biology, Chemistry,and Math, Statistics, and/or Physics, and then have a wide choice of upper-level Biology courses to fulfill the major. Many Biology majors choose to do a senior honors research project culminating in a thesis and graduation with departmental honors in Biology.

Amherst graduates who majored in Biology usually go on to graduate or professional school, and have careers in such fields as medicine, research, teaching, or the business world.

Your new major(s) should be reflected on your immigration documents.

On the first page of your I-20/DS-2019, you'll find your major(s) and corresponding code(s) listed. The Center for International Student Engagement (CISE) reviews international students' majors at the beginning of each semester to check for changes that should be reflected on their I-20s/DS-2019s.