Comprehensive Exam - Foundational Texts

This list seeks to offer a comprehensive view of Hispanic civilization from medieval and modern Spain, to Hispanic America and the Caribbean from pre-Columbian times to the present, and over four hundred years of Latinos in the United States. A student with a major in the Department of Spanish should be conversant, albeit not a specialist, with these canonical texts, many of which will have been contemplated in the classroom at some point in the student’s four-year tenure at Amherst College, and all available through the Five-College library system.


Major Program


Majoring in German can lead to a variety of careers in education, government, business, international affairs, and the arts.

The Major

Biology majors at Amherst study introductory Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and then have a wide choice of upper-level Biology courses to fulfill the major. Many Biology majors choose to do a senior honors research project culminating in a thesis and graduation with departmental honors in Biology.

Amherst graduates who majored in Biology usually go on to graduate or professional school, and have careers in such fields as medicine, research, teaching, or the business world.


Major Program

Goals for the History Major:

Students who complete the major in History will be able to

•  Think critically about the relationship between historical evidence and arguments.

•  Challenge and revise existing narratives of the past, both to comprehend the events they describe and to shed light on society’s evolving needs and concerns.


The Asian Languages & Civilizations Major

Info for Students

Here you will find information about the Physics and Astronomy majors, non-major courses, and the Physics Placement Exam.

Learning Goals

The following list is not comprehensive, but gives a good overview of what we, as a department, expect of our majors.
  • Examine complex systems over the wide range of temporal and spatial scales encompassed by the earth sciences
  • Develop scientific methods of data collection and analysis and of formulating and testing hypotheses.  Conduct investigations with modern analytical methods and instruments

Not Just Theory