Infomation for Black Studies Majors

Black Studies provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the histories and cultures of Black peoples in Africa and around the world. Students interested in majoring in Black Studies should aim to take BLST 111, 200 and 300—the three core Black Studies courses—normally before the end of their sophomore year. Majors must complete the core courses before the final semester of the senior year.

About the Major

The objective of the major is to learn about another culture directly through its language and principally by way of its literature. Literature is here understood as a significant expression of a culture.

About the Major

Major Program

The Psychology major is designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the content of the discipline and the skills required to work within it.  Psychology majors are required to elect nine full courses, including PSYC 100, and 122.  Psychology majors must complete both of these courses by the end of the sophomore year and must earn a grade of B- or better in both courses to continue with the major.