Information for Majors

Black Studies is an interdisciplinary exploration of the histories and cultures of black peoples in Africa and the diaspora. It is also an inquiry into the social construction of racial differences and its relation to the perpetuation of racism and racial domination.

Honors Program

A candidate for departmental Honors must write a thesis in addition to fulfilling the course requirements for the major. Students wishing to do so should submit a proposal to the Department by Thursday, September 10, 2015. The thesis may be written in French or English (Writing in French is contingent upon the French faculty's positive evaluation of the thesis proposal's grammatical and stylistic proficiency.)

Honors Program in Psychology

The honors program in Psychology offers students the opportunity to work independently and in depth on a project during the senior year. These projects usually involve 3 course credits, one in the fall semester and two in the spring. Most theses are empirical; however, there is also an option to write a "theoretical" thesis (a conceptual survey of empirical and/or theoretical work) or a "practical" thesis.