Dinner: “A Normal Guy"

Anders Rhedin, better known in the United States by his stage name Dinner, is not someone who can be described in few words. There are some things that he is, explicitly, on his own terms, but for all the words that he has used to describe his music, there remains much left unsaid about his aesthetic and his progression as an artist. And one might wonder, is there anything to really to say about a musician called "Dinner", a man wearing a mix of solid black sweaters, or an alternate pastiche of red lipstick and bright white nail polish, singing creeping lyrics to bewildered audiences?

Elevating the College Party

By Emily Gold Boutilier

[Social Life] For years, Jeehae Kim Goddard ’13 found the social scene at Amherst to be lacking—both in variety and in meaningful connections with new people. “I was surprised when I got here and the standard was, ‘Hey, what’s up?’” she says. “That doesn’t really lead to any conversation.” 

See Me After Class

Article by Adam Gerchick ’13

Photo by Rob Mattson

[Faculty] You and three classmates are dining privately off campus with a distinguished Amherst professor. What do you discuss?

A Cookbook Refracted Through a Memoir

Dinner: A Love Story: It All Begins at the Family Table, by Jenny Rosenstrach ’93 (Ecco)

Reviewed by Catherine Newman ’90 


 A Typical Day