Mind v. Body and Culture

Submitted by Tian L. Buzbee

In class, we discussed how the rise of the mind over the body ties to the rise of culture, and in my mind, thus also involves an evolution to a more advanced lifestyle (this assumption might be the flaw in my thinking.). Given this assumption, are robots, with their metal-body-encased brains, part of a more advanced culture of their own? Can robots have a culture of their own or, in order to have culture, would they have to be categorized as some kind of living beings independent of humans?


Class on 11/11/10

Submitted by Maudlyn O. Obi on Wednesday, 12/1/2010, at 3:07 PM

You explain, Prof. Parham, that according to Althusser, the body controls the mind when it takes up habits, habits that grow to give meaning to the mind; the mind gets meaning from the body's learned cues.