Instant Noodles Won’t Save the World, But Here's How They'll Help

By Caroline J. Hanna

[Research] As government officials and food authorities ponder the ever more urgent question of how to feed a ballooning global population, one Amherst professor is exploring an answer that some experts have suggested: instant noodles.

In a new book, anthropologist Deborah Gewertz examines the history, manufacturing, marketing and consumption of instant noodles and makes the case that this staple of the American college student diet will play an increasingly significant role on the world stage.  

Remembrance of Instant Noodles Past

While Marcel Proust unleashed a flood of memories with one taste of a madeleine, Deborah B. Gewertz, the G. Henry Whitcomb 1874 Professor of Anthropology, explores the memories evoked by Ramen and other instant noodles in NPR listeners, Amherst College students and (in stark contrast) Japanese and Papua New Guineans.