Intent to Study Away Fall 2016, Full Year 2016-2017, or Spring 2017

  • Deadline for Spring 2017: Saturday, October 1, 2016

The deadline has passed - if you would like to submit a late Intent to Study Away, please contact us at

We cannot process this form until your major has been declared. Submit it by the deadline, and declare your major with the Registrar's office asap. Once your Intent has been processed, you will see it in AC Data under "My Documents."

Submission of this form notifies the college that you are considering a semester on educational leave, either abroad or in the U.S. It is not binding, but it is a necessary step if you want to apply to programs and, ultimately, transfer credit and financial aid. If you decide not to study away, it is your responsibility to notify the Study Abroad Office that you are withdrawing your Intent. It is strongly recommended that you meet with an adviser in the Study Abroad Office to review your plans, after viewing the "Steps to Study Abroad" Prezi online, and discuss your interests with your academic adviser.