Comprehensive Exam - Foundational Texts

This list seeks to offer a comprehensive view of Hispanic civilization from medieval and modern Spain, to Hispanic America and the Caribbean from pre-Columbian times to the present, and over four hundred years of Latinos in the United States. A student with a major in the Department of Spanish should be conversant, albeit not a specialist, with these canonical texts, many of which will have been contemplated in the classroom at some point in the student’s four-year tenure at Amherst College, and all available through the Five-College library system.

About the Major

Information about the Spanish Major

The objective of the Spanish major is to learn about Hispanic cultures directly through the Spanish language and principally by way of their literature and other artistic expressions.

We study literature and a variety of cultural manifestations from a modern critical perspective, without isolating them from their context. Most courses are taught in Spanish. Courses are categorized according to level of difficulty and focus: