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As our Series concerts pick up speed for the 2014-2015 season, the concert office wished to find a way to share the sound of the Series with you beyond Buckley. Therefore for your listening pleasure we've put together a playlist of the pieces featured in our Chamber Series, performed by artists available through the free music sharing platform, Spotify, and another playlist of our Parallels artists performing pieces from their respective discographies. 

Anthropology in listening

Submitted by Grace F. Donahue on Friday, 2/4/2011, at 1:28 AM

Aurality is a huge concept, so in this blog post I want to just attack a single strand of what we discussed in class this week and read about in Erlmann's book. First, I think it is important to throw in a bit of description of some ways aurality could be defined. Aurality is – in a general sense – a noun reserved for what the ears and the mind create together, e.g. awareness of sound, connection with sound, hearing and listening in both physical  and mental processes, and the meta-processes of this mental experience.