Don't Even Dream of It

By Allen Guttmann

Amherst: Steward of Hope

By Joshua M. Epstein ’76

All They Can Say is “No”

Vacation in Absentia

By Rand Richards Cooper ’80

Where Are the Songs of Yesteryear?

By Roger M. Williams ’56

In memory that truly serves, my years at Amherst are swaddled in song. That doesn’t surprise me, even though I belonged to no musical group, played no instrument, did not even minor in music and didn’t welcome the advent of rock ’n’ roll.

Marsh Peters Would Like You to Be on the Reunion Panel

But first, he has to get something off his chest.

By Sarah Miller ’91

Insights: Gay at Amherst, 1966-70


By Eric Patterson ’70

When I started Amherst in September 1966, what did our society say about gay people?