Internship Postcards: Amelia Moore '14

August 2012—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Amelia Moore ’14

Last winter, Washington, D.C. native Amelia Moore ’14 and her mother, Bradley Clements ’84, took a slightly unusual vacation. The mother-daughter team flew to Nairobi, Kenya, with the sole purpose of volunteering in Kibera— one of the largest slums in Africa. Moore was making good on a promise she’d made to Ken Okoth, her former high school history teacher and the founder of the Children of Kibera Foundation.

Internship Postcards: Roshard Bryant '14E

Photo by Rob Mattson/Amherst College, Office of Public Affairs

August 2012—Story by Jenny Morgan, photo by Rob Mattson/Amherst College, Office of Public Affairs

If you spend time with Roshard Bryant ‘14E, you'll quickly learn three things: he has infinite reserves of energy, an effortless ability to work with people, and genuine passion for everything he does. Not a bad combination for someone who thinks he wants to be an educator.

Introducing the Community Engagement Orientation Trip coordinators

Meet the four Amherst students working to make CEOT 2012 a reality

‘Taking the forest to the people’

 Titus Chirchir ’13 named this year’s Amherst College Dalai Lama Fellow

April 2012—story by Jenny Morgan, photo by Sam Tang '15

Ask a college student how they spent the summer between high school and college and you might hear that they travelled with family, browsed course catalogs, or even found that perfect dorm room microwave. Ask Titus Chirchir what he did the summer before he arrived at Amherst College and you’ll get a slightly less common answer.

Women’s Golf hosts clinic for Girls, Inc.

On Saturday, March 31, the women’s golf team hosted seven girls from Girls, Inc. of Holyoke to teach golf skills and share the importance of learning new things and practicing hard.  

Going Public Goes Public

Going Public, an original play by Elias Johansson-Miller ’12, opens Thursday night in Kirby Theater

April 2012—story by Jenny Morgan, photos by Katherine Berry '12

In August of 2010, the Los Angeles Times brought summer vacation to a screeching halt with an unprecedented online publication. The newspaper published names and rankings of some 6,000 public elementary school teachers in a searchable, online database. The ranking tool, called the “value-added analysis,” uses students’ standardized test scores to calculate how much value each teacher adds to, or detracts from, student performance.  Overnight, the story ignited a controversy and sparked a national conversation on teacher performance and standardized testing.


The story also inspired the focus of Elias Johansson-Miller '12’s thesis, Going Public, an original play that explores public education through the real stories of teachers and administrators, including many who were involved in the 2010 Los Angeles teacher-ranking story.

Community-Based Research in Holyoke- The Impact of Industry on Women: a soapbox lecture by Kayleigh O'Keeffe '12

Kayleigh O'Keeffe at CCE Expo

"I took a class called Gender and the Environment, and through that class— which is not a community-based learning class— I was able to focus on this area of Holyoke that I've been interested in since my freshman year."

Internship Postcards: Eugene Golubitskiy '12

Eugene Golubitskiy

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Eugene Golubitskiy ’12

It’s not every day that a student picks up a new language for a summer internship, but Eugene Golubitskiy ’12 (pictured on the far right, front row) was not going to let the summer pass without learning Serbian.

Internship Postcards: Christine Lyons '12E

Christine Lyons

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Christine Lyons ‘12E

Christine Lyons ‘12E (pictured on the far right in the back row) has wanted to teach for as long as she can remember.