‘Taking the forest to the people’

 Titus Chirchir ’13 named this year’s Amherst College Dalai Lama Fellow

April 2012—story by Jenny Morgan, photo by Sam Tang '15

Ask a college student how they spent the summer between high school and college and you might hear that they travelled with family, browsed course catalogs, or even found that perfect dorm room microwave. Ask Titus Chirchir what he did the summer before he arrived at Amherst College and you’ll get a slightly less common answer.

Examining history through a modern lens

Professor Eric Sawyer engages Northampton's past with opera, community

Daley and Halligan

You’d be hard pressed to find an artistic production as richly embedded in local community as Associate Professor of Music and composer Eric Sawyer’s opera, The Garden of Martyrs.

Bridging years of advocacy and scholarship with life at Amherst: Professor Paola Zamperini brings Tibet to the classroom and beyond

Paola Zamperini
September 2012—Associate Professor of Asian Languages and Civilizations Paola Zamperini has begun, by all measures, an exciting year — and she’ll be the first to tell you that this year has been twenty years in the making.

From the Holyoke dam to the kitchen table: Voices from the first annual Community Engagement Expo

Community-Based Research in Holyoke- The Impact of Industry on Women: a soapbox lecture by Kayleigh O'Keeffe '12

Kayleigh O'Keeffe at CCE Expo

"I took a class called Gender and the Environment, and through that class— which is not a community-based learning class— I was able to focus on this area of Holyoke that I've been interested in since my freshman year."

Public Education Reform- There's No Single Solution: a soapbox lecture by Professor Barry O'Connell

“I’m going to start with a simple premise:  No truly democratic society has a chance of surviving without a public school system that can and does educate all students."

Educate!’s Eric Glustrom ’07 and Boris Bulayev ’07 win 2011 Grinnell Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize for youth empowerment in Uganda

 Eric Glustrom '07 and Boris Bulayev '07

April 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Eric Glustron '07

As a seventeen-year-old high school junior, Eric Glustrom ’07 (pictured left, front row) received his first grant rejection early— and he remembers the story well.

Internship Postcards: Eugene Golubitskiy '12

Eugene Golubitskiy

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Eugene Golubitskiy ’12

It’s not every day that a student picks up a new language for a summer internship, but Eugene Golubitskiy ’12 (pictured on the far right, front row) was not going to let the summer pass without learning Serbian.

Internship Postcards: Adoma Manful '12

Adoma Manful

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Adoma Manful '12


Adoma Manful ’12’s internship with the American Cancer Society-Illinois (ACS) in Chicago, Illinois, was not her first time immersed in the field of healthcare.

Internship Postcards: Emma Vaimberg '14

Vela Scholars

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan

Emma Vaimberg ‘14 (pictured fourth from the left) was an after-school tutor for the Vela Scholars program during the spring semester this year, and she eagerly jumped at the opportunity to join the team of interns who brought the summer program to life.