From the heart: Amanda Villarreal '12's fight for girls' empowerment

Portrait of Amanda Villarreal '12
October 2013story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Amanda Villarreal '12.

When Amanda Villarreal ’12 tells women about the Girls Empowerment Network of Austin (GENaustin), the reaction she gets is almost universal.

“People say to me, ‘I really wish I had something like that when I was younger,’” Villarreal says.

The Austin, Texas native knows exactly where they’re coming from.

Engaging with complexity

July 2013—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy Samuel A. Masinter '04.

Kate Berry ’12 has never been one to shy away from complex questions.

In fact, Berry’s willingness to engage with complexity is one of the most noticeable qualities of the 23 year old from Woodinville, Washington. In no small way, this willingness has led Berry to exactly where she is today—working full-time for the anti-human trafficking organization, Polaris Project. From a Civic Engagement Scholars internship with Polaris to an honors thesis, Berry has been grappling with the complexities of human trafficking for some time now.

Coming to America: Ellen Sachs-Alter '83's internship, thesis on immigration

"It started me on a path that I had not anticipated."

Today, Dr. Ellen Sachs-Alter '83 is a staff psychiatrist at the Family Institute at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. During her junior year, she enrolled in a course on immigration at Smith College taught by Peter Rose that shaped much of what came next for Sachs-Alter.

Then and now: A lasting big brother relationship

Joe and Jack
September 2013—story by Lindsay Ewing ‘15, photos courtesy of Jack Angiolillo ’08

After four years at Amherst College, most students leave campus with an education, enduring friendships, and an inordinate amount of purple clothing. It’s decidedly less common for a recent graduate to leave with a new sibling—but that’s exactly what Jack Angiolillo ’08 did.