Mobile Device Allowance Program

Amherst College

July 2013

Amherst College is moving toward a stipend model to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, in place of College-­‐provided equipment, for employees whose jobs require the use of a mobile device with phone or data service.   

Program Requirements:

If an employee’s job duties include the frequent need for a mobile device he/she may be eligible for a stipend to defray the cost of the monthly fees.   

Graduating Seniors: Technology Transition after College

As you prepare for the many changes that will take place after graduation, we want to remind you of the technology items you should address during your transition from Amherst College. You will want to take special action to address the following: access to Amherst College email, College-licensed software, files stored on network shares, ACData, and campus printing. Access to these technology services will cease on a phased schedule

Best Practices

DRAFT rev 9.22.2006 The following are guidelines which should help you keep your data and College data safe. Protocols for Handling Sensitive College Data
DRAFT rev 9.22.2006

Laws and Industry Standards Defining and Regulating Sensitive Data

Mass. Identity Theft Prevention Law

Signed into law on August 3, 2007, the state's Identity Theft Protection Law stipulates what the state considers protected personal data, steps to take in the event of a breach, and the ways in which personal data must be destroyed.

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