Emily Dickinson. Poems 1890

Emily Dickinson. Poems, 1890.

Emily Dickinson. (Johnson PF 113, AC 539a)

Emily Dickinson. (Johnson PF 113, AC 539a)


Emily Dickinson. "The way hope builds his house" (Franklin 151, AC 450)


Silhouette of Emily Dickinson cut by Charles Temple, 1845.


Indian pipes painted by Mabel Loomis Todd as a gift for Emily Dickinson.


A lock of Emily Dickinson's hair.

ed_dag_color_mttd_300 dpi_16x20

Emily Dickinson. Daguerreotype. Ca. 1847.

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After hearing that a plaster ceiling in Emily Dickinson's house had collapsed, Garrison Keillor asked how he could help. His Dec.

His Girl

Submitted by Emily G. Boutilier on Tuesday, 12/14/2010, at 3:53 PM

Because I could not stop for Death--

He kindly stopped for me--

The carriage held but just ourselves--

And Immortality.