Hate Crime

"COULD IT HAPPEN TO ME?" Yes, you could be the victim of a Hate Crime based on your race, religion, ethnicity, national orientation, sexual orientation or disability. A look at Preventing, Identifiying & Reporting Hate Crimes at Amherst College

Emergency Telephone Locations

There are a number of emergency telephones located around the campus to facilitate the reporting of crimes or to request assistance from Campus Police. The telephones are identified by a blue light and direct dial the Campus Police when the emergency button is pushed.

Bicycle Registration

  1. Participate in the bicycle registration program! The program, an offshoot of Operation Identification, has greatly deterred bicycle theft on the Amherst College campus. To participate in the program bring your bicycle to the Campus Police office.

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a nationwide crime prevention program. The program involves the permanent marking of valuables with a unique number, symbol or combination, recording of identification information, and affixing a decal to the exterior of your residence warning potential thieves that the property is registered with the police. This program not only deters theft by making stolen property more difficult to sell and easier to identify, but also expedites insurance claims in the event of a loss.

Dorm Talks

Officers conduct annual dorm talks in every residential hall at the start of the Fall semester. This is an opportunity to familiarize new students with the Campus Police Department and to share new information and answer questions with the returning students.


The R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) course is a comprehensive self defense program for women. The R.A.D.

Daily Hampshire Gazette: Amherst College Cops are Armed

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