Emergency Response Agencies

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Amherst College has previously identified Emergency Response Agencies that are able to assist in the mitigation of a hazardous material incident involving but not limited to asbestos, chemicals, gas leaks and odors, oil spills and other incidents that may adversely affect the college community, the general public and/or the environment.

The agencies that are to be called upon include:

Emergency Response Detection Equipment

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Amherst College Facilitiest can initially respond to leaks, odors and spills involving chemicals, gasoline, natural gas, propane and other similar concerns with detection equipment currently available on site. The office of Environmental Health and Safety has and maintains the following combustible gas detectors that are capable of detecting gases with a flammable range as well as oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide:

Personal Protective Equipment

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Because Amherst College is currently only capable of handling "incidental spills" involving chemicals, gasoline, oil and other similar materials, our personal protective equipment needs are limited. Amherst College Hazardous Material Emergency Response Personnel have the necessary equipment to address an incident of level "C" or less. The equipment available consists of: