New Operas: A Nonprofessional's Perspective

     A nonprofessional opera-goer views opera differently from a professional musician or critic, and a nonprofessional's point of view is as valid as a professional's from which to offer an opinion on new operas.  After all, we nonprofessionals form almost all of the audience for opera, and without an audience there would be no opera.

Transportation Strategy for Southwestern Connecticut

Submitted by H. Franklin Bloomer
The following letter updates a 20-year strategic plan for transportation prepared in November 2002 by the Coastal Corridor Transportation Investment Area (CCTIA), a state-mandated body of which I am co-chair. The CCTIA represents towns located in southwestern Connecticut, and it reports to the Transportation Strategy Board, which is responsible for developing a statewide plan. I was the principal draftsman of both the plan and the update letter.* * * * *

Road Pricing on Connecticut's Highways

Submitted by H. Franklin Bloomer
The following is a letter to the editor that appeared in edited form in the Connecticut Section of the New York Times on May 4, 2003. Since then a congestion charge has been introduced in Stockholm, Sweden, and introduction of one in New York City was a major recommendation in a long-range plan for the city proposed in April 2007 by Mayor Bloomberg.
* * * * *
To the Editor: