Upgrading to iOS 8: Feature to avoid for now

For those with iOS devices - iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch, there is now an upgrade to iOS 8 available. iOS 8 is the latest instance of the iOS operating system.

It is fine to go ahead and upgrade your iOS devices to iOS 8 if you wish. As always, you should make sure to back up your device by plugging it into a Mac computer first then do the upgrade.

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Note:  Some of these tips are for the iPad2 and/or iOS5 and do not work on earlier versions.

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Choose between WiFi and Cellular Data Service for iPad

When choosing an iPad you have an important initial decision to make. Do you want an iPad that only uses WiFi (a.k.a. wireless Internet access) to connect to the Internet or do you want an iPad that in addition to WiFi uses cellular data service and works and is billed like a mobile phone?

For the definitive information about iPad models and specifications, please go to the Apple.com website:


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I use my iPad for almost everything I do these days. I teach with it wirelessly using an AppleTV that IT has installed in every classroom. I read and annotate PDFs with it. I have students submit assignments as PDFs and then read them, mark-them-up, and email them the PDF back. I take notes with it exclusively (meetings, research, etc..).