Seniors: Back-Up Your Stuff

Before you leave the College, back up your work from your U: drive, W: drive, email, and other resources. While you can use Amherst's VPN service to copy your work from off-campus, using VPN is much, much slower than backing up on campus and sometimes there are problems. It is much easier and safer to back up your data while you are still on campus.

IT Checklist for New Alums

Dear Seniors/New Alums,

On campus, you've had access to Amherst IT resources (email, software, network storage, etc.). When you leave Amherst and move on to exciting new ventures -- whether starting a career, graduate school, or simply enjoying the land of guilt-free daytime television -- you must prepare to find new email, software and file storage services.

2012 Senior Assembly Prizes and Awards

The following awards were presented to members of the Class of 2012 at Senior Assembly.

Scholarship and Citizenship

The Addison Brown Scholarship
From a fund established by Addison Brown of the Class of 1852, the scholarship is awarded to that senior who, being already on the scholarship list, shall have attained the highest standing in the studies of the first-year, sophomore and junior years.

Jiaqi Ji ’12

Time to Remember

A  few weeks before they graduated, we asked members of the Class of 2010 to tell us about their favorite course at Amherst, their favorite spot on campus or the most memorable day of college. Here’s what three of them said:

Meet the Seniors

Sure, they’re thrilled to graduate. But where are they going? Where have they been? Amherst  interviewed more than two dozen members of the Class of ’08—men and women who’ve studied in Siberia, Greece, India; who’ve worked for record labels, hospitals, senators; who’ve joined the U.S. Navy and the Peace Corps. Here are 15 of their stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

These pages answer the questions we receive most often. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please e-mail Patricia Allen, Commencement director, at, call her at 413/542-8094 or call the Office of Public Affairs at 413/542-2321.