5 Free Things to Do on Campus This Summer

By Elaine Jeon ’17

The newest season of Game of Thrones has ended, and you’ve already binge-watched all of Orange is the New Black. And you can’t keep frequenting restaurants in town or your credit card will surely explode. Whether you’re a student, professor, staff member, alum or visitor, here are five free things to do on the Amherst College campus to keep you busy and financially solvent this summer.


First Week---Dresdiana

Submitted by Dresdina Mavindidze on Sunday, 6/12/2011, at 7:45 PM

This summer I am working with the Trustees of Reservations in Holyoke as a Property Management Intern. Amina Taylor is also one of the interns working with this organisation. Owning over 100 properties,the organization works not only to protect places of environmental importance in Massachusetts but to also restore places that have been ruined and making them accessible to the public.

Valley Advocate: Layers Beneath Dinosaurland

The Beneski Museum of Natural History and its collection of dinosaur tracks were mentioned in this piece about locations in the Connecticut Valley where visitors can see the footprints of our long-extinct forebearers. The organization was also featured in a Boston Globe article about the perks of living in college towns.

Yankee magazine: Local Treasure: Strange Stones

The popular New England publication featured the college’s Beneski Museum of Natural History and its famous collection of dinosaur footprints in small item in its March/April 2011 issue.