Lost for Words

By Adam Gerchick ’13

“You sound terrible,” my friend Josh advised me, smirking.

“Thass,” I whispered.

“I mean, you sound really, really bad.”

No Shushing Required

Free Speech: Feingold Talks Campaign Finance at Amherst Colloquium

Submitted on Thursday, 5/3/2012, at 2:46 PM

May 3, 2012

by Adam Gerchick ’13

“Speech doesn’t corrupt. Money corrupts. Money isn’t speech.” So argued former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold during his keynote address at an Amherst political science conference on April 20.

A New Blend: Frost Library Opens Café

Submitted on Friday, 4/13/2012, at 2:42 PM

April 13, 2013

By Adam Gerchick ’13

The line snaked from the northwest corner of Frost Library’s first floor almost to the main entrance, the Amherst students, faculty and staff watching as those ahead of them reached the counter, collected what they’d come for and excitedly left the building for their 2 p.m. classes.

Scenes from a Blackout

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That Syncing Feeling

The Swimmer who Always Sprints