Lost for Words

By Adam Gerchick ’13

“You sound terrible,” my friend Josh advised me, smirking.

“Thass,” I whispered.

“I mean, you sound really, really bad.”

No Shushing Required

Scenes from a Blackout

When Parents Visit

Of Note: Late-Night Event Inspires Student Letter Writers

Submitted on Wednesday, 10/26/2011, at 3:00 PM

By Adam Gerchick '13

Rohan Mazumdar ’12 had not expected to spend his Friday night with a typewriter. But on Friday, Sept. 16, he arrived at Amherst’s first “letter-writing social,” where, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., hundreds of students pressed envelopes with sealing wax and tapped away at classic typewriters. To Mazumdar’s surprise, he is now inspired to continue the practice.

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