Study Abroad

Study abroad programs offer academically-rigorous courses of study and require a solid language foundation.  Spanish majors are strongly encouraged to pursue a homestay or a living arrangement with Spanish speakers while abroad.  Three courses, taught entirely in Spanish, may be counted for the major while studying abroad, with the exception of grammar or language courses and music or art practice courses.  At least one of the three courses must be a literature course.

Study Abroad and Summer Programs

Program Index 

Academic Year and Semester

  • College Year in Athens
  • Classics Advanced Semester Program (CASP) in Athens
  • Intercollegiate Center for Studies in Rome, a.k.a. "Centro"


  • American Academy in Rome Classical Summer School
  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Sessions
  • College Year in Athens Summer Program
  • The Paideia Institute

Classics Major

Major Program

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Department of Classics


The Classics curriculum at Amherst College offers a wide range of courses on the languages, history, archaeology, literature, social practices, and religious beliefs of ancient Greece and Italy. The major program is designed to give a comprehensive exposure to the languages and literatures of ancient Greece and Rome as well as to provide a broad perspective of life in the ancient Mediterranean.

Other Approved Programs

The Department strongly recommends study at a German-speaking university, ideally during a student's junior year. For this purpose the Department highly recommends the Amherst-Göttingen Exchange Program. Applications for the next academic year are typically due on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday break.

For more information please contact the German Department (JoAnn Lawrence, Academic Department Coordinator, (413) 542-2312).

Study Abroad

Save in exceptional circumstances, a European Studies major will spend at least one semester of the junior year pursuing an approved course of study in Europe. Upon return, the student will ordinarily elect, in consultation with the advisory subcommittee, at least one course that helps integrate the European experience into the major.

For more resources, visit the Amherst College Career Center's study abroad site.

The Asian Languages & Civilizations Major

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