Study Abroad

We encourage students in Computer Science to study abroad.

You may wish to take computer science courses while abroad, but you need not.  If you want the course to count for your major, you will need to gather as much information as possible about the course -  at minimum a description and preferably a syllabus.  Once you have the material, send it to the chair with a note explaining your request.  (E-mail is fine.)  This should be done before you take the course.

The department recognizes that spending a semester or year abroad makes educational sense for many students. We want to support students who make this choice. In what follows we provide some guidelines on things your major advisor can help you with and things that she or he cannot or need not.

Study at Institutions other than Amherst College

The department has a specific distribution of courses that a student must complete in order to graduate with a major in Black Studies. Those requirements are listed in the course catalog and delineated on the "Departmental Major Form." Every Black Studies major is required to complete this form in consultation with her/his advisor who signs off on the form in the major's final semester, indicating that the student has successfully completed the department's requirements.