Rachel Brickman '12

Oh heyyyy welcome to my summer blog! I’m Rachel Brickman, a rising senior at Amherst originally from the very exciting suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. As a Classics major, I can do really useful things like understand this Finnish radio station or get those “amo, amas, ___” questions on the Monday crossword. Luckily, I have also completed the requirements for medical school, so I have a backup career plan if ESPN isn’t looking for a Latin-speaking commentator.

Study Abroad and Summer Programs

Program Index 

Academic Year and Semester

  • College Year in Athens
  • Classics Advanced Semester Program (CASP) in Athens
  • Intercollegiate Center for Studies in Rome, a.k.a. "Centro"


  • American Academy in Rome Classical Summer School
  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Sessions
  • College Year in Athens Summer Program
  • The Paideia Institute

Classics Major

Major Program

Grosvenor House Door

Department of Classics


The Classics curriculum at Amherst College offers a wide range of courses on the languages, history, archaeology, literature, social practices, and religious beliefs of ancient Greece and Italy. The major program is designed to give a comprehensive exposure to the languages and literatures of ancient Greece and Rome as well as to provide a broad perspective of life in the ancient Mediterranean.

Grecian Formula

By Emily Gold Boutilier

In searching for the next retro trend, Hollywood stylists would be wise to stay away from the beehive and the perm and look a bit further back—to the fifth century. That’s B.C.

The Epic and the Russian Novel


Family Weekend Reception


Dutton Poster

My Life: Rebecca Sinos, Professor of Classics

Interview by Gregory J. Campeau ’11

Latin Alive

NYT Article, 10/07/2008